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Increase of drug use and genotype 3 in HCV-infected patients from Central West and Northeast Mexico

Linda E. Muñoz-Espinosa, Maria E. Trujillo-Trujillo, Roberto F. Martínez-Macías, Arturo Panduro, Ana M. Rivas-Estilla, Nora A. Fierro, Ana L. Silvera-Linares, Rafael Torres-Valadez, Paula Cordero-Pérez, Karina González-Aldaco, Carlos Y. Chen-López, Alexis José-Abrego, Jaime R. Zuñiga-Noriega, Maria C. Gutiérrez-Ruiz, Sonia Roman


Background. The evolving pattern of HCV genotypes (GTs) and risk factors (RFs) in HCV-infected patients in Mexico is poorly understood. This study aimed to access the temporal trend of HCV GTs and RFs in HCV patients from two care centers. Material and methods. Chronic HCV patients [177 and 153 patients from the Northeast (NE) and Central West (CW) regions, respectively] were selected. Baseline features were demographics, date of birth (DOB), blood transfusion before 1992 (BTb1992), RFs, sexual promiscuity (SP), dental procedure (DP), injection drug use (IDU), viral load (VL), GTs, cirrhosis status and antiviral therapy (AT). Data were analyzed by Chi-square test for trends, unpaired T-test, and logistic regression. Results. HCV GT distribution was: GT1, 67%; GT2, 16%; GT3, 12% and GT4, 1%. RFs were BTb1992, 56%; surgeries, 56%; tattooing, 18% and IDU, 16%. GT1a mostly prevailed in CW than NE patients. GT1b, surgeries, BTb1992 and cirrhosis were more prevalent in older patients (p < 0.05); GT3, male gender IDU, SP, and tattooing showed an upward trend as younger were the patients in both regions (p < 0.05), contrariwise to the prevalence of GT1b. BTb1992 and surgeries were seen in elder women; BTb1992 was an independent RF for GT1. Age ≥ 50 years old, GT1 and exposure to AT (p < 0.05) were associated with cirrhosis. Conclusion. GT1a prevalence in CW Mexico remained stable, whereas GT3 increased and GT1b decreased in younger patients in both regions, along with associated RFs. Further regional molecular epidemiology and RF analyses are required in order to avoid the dissemination of new cases of HCV infection.

Key words. HCV infection., Molecular epidemiology., Risk groups., Antiviral therapy., Cirrhosis.

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