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Older age is associated with increased early mortality after transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt

Nael Saad, Mary Katherine Rude, Michael Darcy, Jacob B. Hanin, Ashley Wentworth, Kevin M. Korenblat


Introduction & Aim. The role of age as a predictor of mortality after transjugular intra hepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) is controversial. Age has been found to be an important predictor of post-TIPS mortality in some, but not all, studies and is not a component of the MELD score. The purpose of this study was to compare the 90-day survival of subjects with cirrhosis age ≥ 70 years with younger subjects undergoing TIPS. Material and methods. A database of adult with cirrhosis undergoing TIPS from 2003-2011 was analyzed. The primary endpoint was survival 90-days post-TIPS. Survival was analyzed by the Kaplan-Meier method and proportional hazard modeling. Results. 539 subjects met study criteria. 474 (88%) were between the ages of 24-69 and 65 (12%) were age 70-89 years. The groups were similar with respect to the indication for TIPS, mean MELD score and distribution of MELD score. Survival 90-days post-TIPS was 60% in the older cohort compared with 85% in the younger cohort (p < 0.001). Proportional hazards modeling controlled for comorbidities identified age ≥ 70 and MELD score as predictors of early post-TIPS survival. The hazard ratio associated with age increased monotonically, became significant at age ≥ 70 years (HR 3.22; 95% CI 1.81-5.74; p < 0.001) and exceeded the effect of MELD on survival. Conclusions. Age ≥ 70 was associated with reduced survival within 90 days following TIPS. The findings from this study indicate that age is a relevant consideration in assessing the early mortality risk of TIPS.

Key words. Portal hypertension, Elderly, Cirrhosis, Survival, MELD

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