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Cystic angiosarcoma of the liver. A previously undescribed neoplasm

Fernando Cano-García, Amado de Jesús Athie-Athie, Jaime I. García-Gómez, Fredy Chablé-Montero, Jorge Albores-Saavedra


We report an example of a cystic hepatic angiosarcoma that to our knowledge has not been previously described. The patient was a 70 year old woman who was admitted to the emergency room because of hypovolemic shock. A computed tomography showed four heterogeneous hepatic cystic masses varying from 2.5 to 11.2 cm; one of these with rupture and formation of a subcapsular hematoma. The cyst wall was lined by several layers of neoplastic epithelioid and spindle shaped endothelial cells that in some areas extended to the underlying stroma. They expressed CD31 and CD34, and were negative for cytokeratin. The patient is alive with residual hepatic cystic angiosarcoma. However, follow up is too short to be significant.

Key words. Epithelioid and spindle cells angiosarcoma, Hepatic, CD31, CD34

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