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Pyogenic Liver Abscess Secondary to Foreign Body (Fish Bone) Treated by Laparoscopy: A Case Report

Renato G. Bandeira-de-Mello, Gabriel Bondar, Eduardo Schneider, Isabel Cristina Wiener-Stensmann, Juliano Bohrer Gressler, Cleber Rosito Pinto Kruel


Liver abscess due to perforation of the gastrointestinal tract by a foreign body is a rare and possibly fatal event. Diagnosing this pathology is complicated by the lack of specific symptoms and unfamiliarity of ingestion by the patient and low clinical suspicion of this disease. In the case of liver abscess unresponsive to aspiration and administration of antibiotics, this hypothesis must be made, despite its low incidence. This case report describes and illustrates a case of liver abscess secondary to fish bone ingestion with consequent piercing of the lesser gastric curvature, diagnosed by computed tomography and specific anamnesis. Laparoscopy was performed to extract the foreign body, without complications; the patient is currently asymptomatic and does not present any abnormal physical examination findings. We believe this represents the first case report of a successful laparoscopic treatment in South America for the removal of an ingested foreign body associated with pyogenic liver abscess.

Key words. Hepatic abscess., Foreign body penetration., Perforation., CT., Videolaparoscopy.

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