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Effect of Portal Vein Ligation Plus Venous Congestion on Liver Regeneration in Rats

Daisuke Kawaguchi, Yukihiko Hiroshima, Takafumi Kumamoto, Ryutaro Mori, Ryusei Matsuyama, Yasushi Ichikawa, Yoshiaki Inayama, Itaru Endo


Introduction and aim. We developed a rat model of portal vein ligation (PVL) with venous congestion (PVL+C) to investigate beneficial effect PVL plus congestion for regeneration of intact liver segments. Materials and methods. In the PVL group, portal vein branches were ligated except the caudate lobe (CL). In the PVL + C group, the left lateral hepatic vein was ligated in addition to PVL. Chronological changes in the following variables were compared among the groups: CL weight to body weight ratio (CL/BW), embolized liver weight to body weight ratio (EL/BW), histological findings of the embolized/non-embolized liver, and expression of several mediators that affect liver regeneration in the non-embolized liver. Results. Weight regeneration of CL continued up to postoperative day (POD)7 in PVL + C, but terminated at POD2 in PVL. CL/BW at POD7 was significantly higher in PVL + C than in PVL (2.41 ≥ 0.33% vs. 1.22 ≥ 0.18%, P < 0.01). In contrast, EL/BW continued to decrease up to POD7 in PVL + C but reached nadir at POD2 in PVL. Furthermore, EL/BW at POD7 was significantly smaller in PVL + C than in PVL (0.35 ≥ 0.03% vs. 0.67 ≥ 0.08%, P < 0.01). Histologically-proven injury in the embolized liver was more severe in PVL + C than in PVL. Expression of Ki-67, IL-6, TNF-α, and HGF were greater and/or more prolonged in PVL + C than in PVL. Conclusions. Our rat model of PVL + C was considered useful for investigating the beneficial effect of congestion in addition to PVC. PVL + C caused increased devastation of the embolized liver, and higher and more prolonged expression of factors promoting liver regeneration in the non-embolized liver than in PVL.

Key words. Hepatectomy, Malignant liver tumors, Hepatic vein embolization, Associating liver partition and portal ligation fo

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