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Takayasu arteritis associated with hepatic sinusoidal dilatation

Cécile Durant, Jérome Martin, Baptiste Hervier, Jérome Gournay, Mohamed Hamidou


Hepatic sinusoidal dilatation (HSD) is a pathological entity that is characterized by peliosis hepatis (PH) like lesions, with vascular lesions that consist of multiple cyst-like, blood-filled cavities within the liver. To the best of our knowledge, neither PH nor HSD have been associated with systemic vasculitis. We describe herein two cases of idiopathic HSD associated with Takayasu arteritis (TA), diagnosed at an early stage of vasculitis. The same endothelial target in HSD and TA, and the favorable outcome of HSD with treatment of TA, suggest a pathogenic link between the two diseases.

Key words. Takayasu arteritis, Peliosis, Hepatic sinusoidal dilatation

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