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Cholestasis as the initial presentation of relapsing polychondritis

Renata Cristina Teixeira Pinto Viana, Lígia da Rosa, Maria Beatriz Cacese Shiozawa, Janaína L. Narciso-Schiavon, Esther Buzaglo Dantas-Corrêa, Leonardo de Lucca Schiavon


Relapsing polychondritis is an immune-mediated disease associated with inflammation in cartilaginous structures and other tissues throughout the body, particularly the ears, nose, eyes, joints, and respiratory tract. Although association with other conditions is seen in about one-third of the cases, liver involvement is not usually observed in those patients. We described a case of liver involvement in relapsing polychondritis, presenting with a predominantly cholestatic pattern. Other conditions associated with abnormal liver tests were excluded and the patient showed a prompt response to steroid therapy. We discuss the spectrum of the liver involvement in relapsing and review the literature.

Key words. Relapsing polychondritis, Cholestasis, Liver

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