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Genomic medicine in Mexico. Applications of gene therapy for cirrhosis reversion

Dr. Juan Armendariz-Borunda


Genomic medicine represents a powerful armamentarium to tackle down most of chronic diseases which have not, so far, defeated. Thus, this new and powerful biotechnologic set of weapons enable us to make use of molecular diagnostic to detect silent diseases, otherwise undetectable by conventional analysis. Moreover, elucidation of the complete and final draft of the human genome code will allow, although not in this decade, the design of specific farmaco-genetic treatments for patients on basis of their individual genetic code. Regarding new medical treatments, gene therapy as emerged as a true hope for treatment of many chronic diseases. 636 FDA-.approved clinical protocols are currently undergoing and sooner than later we´ll be witness of the results.

Key words. Cirrhosis, gene transfer, safety, fibrosis reversion

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