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Hepatocellular carcinoma arising in a telangiectatic hepatocellular adenoma

María Fernanda González-Lara, Juan-Carlos Córdova-Ramón, Armando Gamboa-Domínguez, Juan Cosme-Labarthe, Diego Luis Carrillo-Pérez


Telangiectatic hepatocellular adenoma is a rare, recently recognized subtype of benign liver tumor that may very rarely undergo transformation into hepatocellular carcinoma. We report an unusual case of a 75- year-old woman with no history of oral contraceptive use that underwent malignant transformation of a telangiectactic hepatocellular adenoma. No risk factors for adenoma development were identified in this otherwise healthy woman. Radiological characteristics, gross features and histopathology are herein described. In conclusion, telangiectatic hepatocellular adenoma can undergo malignant transformation. Further studies are needed to better clarify the factors associated with malignant progression.

Key words. Liver cell adenoma, Neoplastic cell transformation, Magnetic resonance imaging, Hepatectomy

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